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Personal Injury

Have you been injured? If your injury is the result of negligence in a car wreck or a fall, a complicated and lengthy legal process comes with it. There are a multitude of medical costs to cover, out of pocket expenses for travel and many other expenses. Not to mention lost income from missed work.

In Tennessee, you are entitled to compensation for pain and suffering.

Insurance adjusters are trained to save their companies money. They are not there to take care of the injured party.

Attending To Every Detail Of Disability Claims

The Social Security Disability regulations are some of the most complicated laws in the country. We win because we control your claim from the beginning.

Do not file your own application.

The smallest mistake can cause you to lose. We will sit down with you in our office and help you apply online. We develop a theory of your case from the moment you call our office. When Mr. Burnett and Jamie meet with you for the first time, they will focus all the facts on your claim to prove our theory for you to win. By filing your application at the beginning, we can better control the way your claim is presented and take a fact-based approach to get you a fully favorable decision.

Making Wills And Estates Simple And Easy


For over 40 years, Burnett Law, has been located on the same corner of Crossville, Tennessee, advising on, writing and executing wills and estate documents for the people in this region. This is something we enjoy doing and is a great service in this community. Whether you are retirement age with accumulated assets or younger and want to establish a guardianship for your minor children, the attorney’s at Burnett Law can put together a will that will meet your needs.

It is amazing how many people put off this very important step that will mean so much to their family. Do not put off having your will made. We make it simple and easy. Give us a call.

A Dedicated And Experienced Practice

In the early 1970s, the late Thomas L. Bean had just completed his service in the Navy and law school and decided to come back home to Crossville, Tennessee, to establish his own law firm. In 1986, attorney James P. Smith joined the firm and in 1996, attorney Philip D. Burnett joined. Jimmy Smith and Philip Burnett have a combined 50 years of practicing law and the firm itself has been in business at the same location for over 40 years.

Attorneys have come and gone in this region. But, Burnett Law, still stands. We understand the law and its complicated processes, and our experience and longevity as a firm attests to that.

Get Started

If you need legal assistance concerning a Social Security Disability claim, a personal injury claim, or need to have a will made or an estate probated, schedule a consultation with Burnett Law, today. Call us at 931-484-7549, or get in touch through email.

Our firm, located in Crossville, Tennessee, represents clients throughout Cumberland County and the surrounding areas, including Fentress, White, Putnam, Bledsoe and Roane counties.